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         Opsensing Technology Co.,Ltd(OPT) is a High-tech enterprise with speciality in Opt-electronic technology. It devotes to supply professional and complete fiber sensing, gas sensing and spectroscopy analysis solutions. We had many businesses in fiber sensing(temperature, pressure, strain, vibration,displacement etc.) and spectroscopy analysises, such as: gas and liquid analyzing on-line, high-resolution observation on micro-biology, special matters’checking, and so on. In gas sensing field, we can provide the electrochemical gas sensors, infrared gas sensor, catalytic combustion gas sensor and so on. These high quality gas sensors widely used in petrochemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, coal mine and cars which need to monitoring oxygen and toxic gas.

          Since OPT was found, it puts great emphysis on inputing the advanced measurement technology and also insists on technical innovation step by step, therefore, it supplies professional service to various clients. The researching team in OPT is lead by the respectful Opt-electronic specialist and senior engineers, they have richful experiences on working out solutions to different clients. In addition, OPT owns top-level salesmen who are also good backgroudings in Opt-electronic fields and supply perfect services to all clients.

         OPT contributes on suppling clients professional, complete and precise service. Basing on the principle, one OPT man usually keeps good communication with clients, he could hand out his service as suitable as possible. In order to realise the goal, OPT always pay a great efforts on technology innovation, all these contribute to support its clients in various fields.


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